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icons, and fics, and drama, oh my!
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27 battlestar galactica, star trek: voyager, and star trek: the next generation 

that's a nice colour on you.

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Oh Gods, some of you must have seen this like four times by now. SORRY! But I just wanted to say that I've teamed up with the_justiner, splodge04, and twentyplanes to start cylonish. I'll be cross-posting everything here, just in case, so no one will notice a difference except for where the link leads to, lol. Here we go!

what do you know?

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Icon Truth Meme! I'd LOVE to hear what you guys have to think, anonymous or not! ♥

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frodolyn and I had a battle of the icon makers challenge, because WE ARE AWESOME LIKE THAT (or something). They're all posted at her community, frodolyns_art. This is the sort of thing we had goin' on:

 [frodolyn] vs.   [crazyvictoria]

Check out the rest here!
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[23] Icons
[1-13] Battlestar Galactica (Spoilers for 4x01-04)
[14-19] Tricia Helfer (Contains Nudity)
[20] Eddie Olmos
[21-22] Mary McDonnell
[23] Miscellaneous
[1] Wallpaper (Mary)

Photobucket Photobucket

you're so afraid to live alone.Collapse )
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You guys!

When I started 2ndcommandlove, I had, like, two friends and NO talent. Today is such a fantastic day in any icon maker's life. Thank you SO, SO much, from the bottom of my nerdy little heart! ♥
tardis → melody pond song

Hai, I can't stop writing. This one's been in my head for a while, too, so it feels great to get it out.

Title: My Old Friend
Author: Victoria
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Rating: PG-ish
Summary: Death becomes a learning experience.
Notes: Post 'Endgame', mentions of 'The Cloud'.

I also wrote a BSG one yesterday, but I'll put that up tomorrow to avoid clutter. ♥
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