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icons, and fics, and drama, oh my!
the one with the best show ever 
May 15 08
tardis → melody pond song
[20] Battlestar Galactica

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[1-6] Resurrection Ship, Part 2
[7&8] Six of One
[9] The Ties That Bind
[10&11] Escape Velocity
[12-20] Faith

• OMGS CALLY. I'm sorry, but I STILL miss her. :(
• Faith. Best frakking episode ever, oh my gods. I don't even KNOW, you guys.
• I did weird things with this batch. Half the time I was just screwing around, and something worked, so I kept it. The other half, I went "OH MY GOD MY EYES" and burned them. But, yeah, anyway, I haven't posted in a month. FAIL.
• Is that it? That's it. Kbai.
May 15 08 (UTC)
I don't watch this show, but you make it look so sexy.
I love 15 and 16 HARD.
May 15 08 (UTC)
Omggg yeah so you should totally watch it. It's, like the best thing ever.
PS lol icon
May 15 08 (UTC)
Dude! Dude! I love you! 8 is incredibly awesome, and I'm saving 11(!!!!), 14, 15, 16 (FRAK YEAH, LAURA ROSLIN, FRAK YEAH), and 17

May 15 08 (UTC)
AWESOMESAUCE! I'm so stoked that you like them. Like, I could run cheering through the streets, but the street outside my work is rly full of traffic right now. YOU GET THE SENTIMENT, THOUGH, AMIRITE?

ty! ♥
May 15 08 (UTC)
Love these!!!! Pretty icons make me happy :D

Ahhh I want it to be Friday already.
May 15 08 (UTC)

*doesn't know what to do with herself whilst she flails over icons. Decision making part of the brain is now splodey*
May 15 08 (UTC)
Snagging 2, 4, 7, 9, 11, 15, and 16. Great job!
May 15 08 (UTC)
Eeeeeee! They're all amazing, as usual.
May 15 08 (UTC)
frak me, WHY ARE YOU SO BRILLIANT. I am taking 8, 11, 15, and 16...and possibly the last three (LMFAO IRONY CUZ I ALREADY TOOK THE LAST ONE BIOTCH).

kay signing on to MSN right now. and you better be there. :p
May 15 08 (UTC)
Snagging 2 and 5 :D Great job
May 15 08 (UTC)
these are fantastic!! I snagged 11 :)
May 16 08 (UTC)
LOL @ 2!! Awesome. Snagging that one plus 17-20 'cause SHE MADE HIM BELIEVE!
May 16 08 (UTC)
don't watch bsg, just came to oggle at the pretty.
your icons are so inspirational for me when it comes to mine.
May 16 08 (UTC)

Totally snagged it - I also may be back for 6 which makes me all afkdlfka sad but in a tingly good kind of way.
May 16 08 (UTC)
I love #19!
May 16 08 (UTC)
ahhhw <3 snagged all icons with roslin on it! awesome job! <3
oh yes, I'm totally agree with FAITH. My favorite episode (up to now) from whole season 4. very touching.. and the roslin/adama scene is awesome & cute.
May 16 08 (UTC)
#2. Hee. ADORABLE.
May 16 08 (UTC)
Oh, 2 is just... lol, 17 - 20 - OMG and 11? I want it! Why don't I have a paid account yet?!
May 16 08 (UTC)
These are gorgeous. ♥!
May 16 08 (UTC)
17-20 are LOVE!!
May 16 08 (UTC)
Great icon. My fav is 15 :-)
May 16 08 (UTC)

These are gorgeous, and I love the episodes so far. I'm completely in love BSG when I'm watching it on TV cause of all of the anticipation. K, I'm just ranting. But these are really pretty! :)
May 16 08 (UTC)
OMG! I L.O.V.E. 10 (and 8,11,16,20)!idk why but it´s one of my favourite A/R moments so far , so small and precious *melts* *crys*
May 17 08 (UTC)
9 is very pretty... I especially like the treble clef and the coloring. Might I ask what it says, though?
May 18 08 (UTC)


as always these icons are beautiful. especially love #15 - #20. the last one just makes me *SQUEEE* like mad. XD
May 19 08 (UTC)
Snagging 2 & 20.
So. Pretty. ♥
May 23 08 (UTC)
These are really interesting and so different from what I'm used to seeing! Fantastic!
May 23 08 (UTC)
Snagged #20. These icons are absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you!
May 24 08 (UTC)
HOLY CRAP I LOVE 8 TO DEATH. Also much love 15, and 16. KUDOS LOVELY.
Jun 08 08 (UTC)
those are really good,especially the A/R one.
Jun 09 08 (UTC)
Snagged some!
Sep 24 08 (UTC)
thank You :))))
May 05 09 (UTC)
hi, I just found your comm, as pimped by icedteainthebag. I love your icons, but they make my heart break! I don't know what it is, the designs, the colors, etc., but they all just capture the melancholy, dark mood of the show so well. I will snag several, but will cry while doing so.!
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